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Where Can I Buy Hello Kitty Vodka

Soju can be enjoyed as a spirit in a cocktail or on its own, but where soju and shochu vary the most are their respective flavors. Shochu has been described as tasting like a mix between whiskey and vodka, thanks to its dry palette and strong alcoholic flavor. Soju, on the other hand, has a much sweeter taste to it due to the fact that sugars are added during the distilling process. Shochu is never made with sugar, just like vodka.

where can i buy hello kitty vodka

There are many ways to power through the cold winter days and long winter nights. Some prefer to stay huddled up indoors with blankets, heaters, and lots of Netflix. Others prefer to embrace the cold with activities like sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. But there is one way to get through the season that truly speaks to all of us: chocolate. Whether it's hot chocolate, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, or a Snickers bar, a little chocolate fix makes working through the winter blues a little easier. Luckily, Sugarfina and Tito's Vodka came together and took chocolate to a whole new level. They infused chocolate with vodka, and we're so freaking excited. Here's where to buy Sugarfina and Tito's vodka-infused chocolate, and their other sweet, boozy treats. 041b061a72


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