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We are a diverse and growing group of professional relationships-focused coaches and therapists in Europe and North America.  Of varied ethnic, cultural and belief backgrounds we are united by clear beliefs in the nobility and capacity of the illumined soul.  We emphasize our proactive engagement with youth and young adults but work with people of all ages and walks of life on any aspect of their most important relationships, whether within the family, community or workplace, that contribute to the wellbeing of their society and themselves.

Alex Blakeson

Be ready for the (occasional) pun or Dad Joke from Alex, as he proudly is one.  Married for 30+ years, his three children are now young adults.  His professional career in the field of education and human development, born from service in Latin America and carrying through work with youth in service and education there and in the U.S., eventually led him to his full focus on relationship education and coaching around 2010.  Built on his Masters in Adult Education and Development, he was professionally trained and certified in 2012 by the respected Gestalt International Study Center and by the International Coaches Federation. He has immensely enjoyed serving and ever learning as a coach through his workshops, private coaching clients, and international courses as faculty with the Wilmette Institute, since then.  His specialty is skillfully coaching youth and young adults heading toward or in marriage.

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