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Dragon Naturallyspeaking 12 Serial Number Free ##VERIFIED##

Installation was a relatively straightforward affair that entails popping in the DVD disc, keying in the serial number and letting the installation run its course. Once installation is completed, Dragon creates a user profile for you. This entails some reading exercises that allow the voice-recognition software to better adapt to your speech. More importantly, the user profile will allow the application to associate words unique to you, such as nicknames, jargons and capitalized phrases. Users who have used Dragon 10 or 11 will see an option to have their user profiles upgraded.

dragon naturallyspeaking 12 serial number free

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I have just put Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 back onto my laptop. The installation went okay, the serial number was accepted, however, when it came to activating the product it doesn't accept the serial number. I've not had any messages telling me that I have run out of installation attempts, just invalid serial number press the back button. Rather annoying to say the least. At the moment, I am on the trial version which is working perfectly okay. I'll just leave the computer on until I can get the matter sorted, then I won't run out of the five trials that apparently I have.

It sounds like you are using your Dragon trial period (not yet activated). The trial period is only good for 5 Dragon launches. You will need to deal with your activation problem by making absolutely certain you're using the correct serial number and then calling Nuance (800) 654-1187, in the event that Dragon fails to activate. 9 out of 10 times this is pilot error (end-user fails to correctly type the Dragon serial number) but if you got your serial number correct, your only other option is to make this Nuance's problem. Correct serial numbers do not always work.

When I installed Dragon on this laptop I have to put my serial number in and it was accepted. When it came to activating the product the serial number was already in the box. In past times I've noticed that a number is wrong, not sure if that is intentional just to make sure you are not using a pirate copy or something. Anyway, I've tried it 20 times, probably more and it will not accept the serial number. This is my number (K409Z-W00-xxxx-xxxx-xx)

Unlike most applications, Dragon pretty much doesn't care about what you use for a serial number to install, as long as you get the 1st 8 digits correct. According to your profile, you live in the US but we don't believe your serial number was issued to North America. Your serial number looks like a UK serial number which Nuance may find suspect because they don't support piracy or gray marketing (unless you were living overseas). For example, full copy US/Canada DPI 15 serial numbers always begin with K809A-G00-xxxx-xxxx-xx. Note that we removed your last 10 digits because you should NEVER make any serial number publicly available where it might be stolen by someone who is a tad unethical. The ONLY way you can activate Dragon, when it refuses to activate, is to contact Nuance (800) 654-1187, supply Nuance support with your serial number and make it their problem. We can't tell you what edition or version of Dragon you are using, from your serial number, other than it is a full installation. Being able to install Dragon means absolutely nothing because the serial number is all but ignored. It's only the activation that matters and only Nuance support can assist you when your serial number doesn't activate.

The partial serial number that you see listed on your box may not have much to do with the actual serial number which you will find on the back of your disk; the only serial number that matters. Nuance typically gets the 1st 5 digits correct but doesn't always even get the next 3 digits correct because they are a little lazy about the boxes but the disk sleeves have to be correct.


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