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Marc Cohn - Discography

This Complete List Of Marc Cohn Albums And Songs presents the full discography of Marc Cohn studio albums. Marc Cohn was born in 1959 in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio. This complete Marc Cohn discography also includes every single live album. All these ravishing Marc Cohn albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Marc Cohn album as well as all original album covers. Every Marc Cohn album listed below showcases the entire album tracklisting.

Marc Cohn - Discography

Marc Cohn appeared on the Country / Folk scene with the release of the album 'Marc Cohn' published on February 12, 1991. The track 'Walking In Memphis' quickly became a fan favorite and made Marc Cohn one of the most popular artists at that moment. Thereafter, Marc Cohn released the hugely popular album 'Marc Cohn' which includes some of the most listened to tracks from the Marc Cohn discography. 'Marc Cohn' contains the track 'Walking In Memphis' which has been the most sought-after for music lovers to enjoy during the gigs. Besides 'Walking In Memphis', most of other tracks from 'Marc Cohn' have also become sought-after as a result. A handful of Marc Cohn's most popular tour albums and songs are displayed below. After 25 years since releasing 'Marc Cohn' and making a true effect in the business, fans consistently head to watch Marc Cohn appear live to perform songs from the complete discography.

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