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Download Ebuddy For Mobile For Facebook

The internal browser on the PS3 does connect to Facebook, as you can tell above, but chatting is disabled. A lot of folks are actually suggesting that you can simply visit the mobile Facebook page at and chat will miraculously appear.

Download Ebuddy For Mobile For Facebook

The mobile version of is compatible with the PS3 software. There is no app to download or settings to fudge around with. Just search for eBuddy in the PS3 browser. It gives you access to some of the most popular chat sites, like AIM, MSN, and Facebook. Once you log into to your chosen account, your available friends will show up in a sidebar.

eBuddy for Android lets consumers connect with AOL's AIM, Facebook, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo or MSN Windows Live Messenger to have multiple chats in one interface, providing a mobile chat experience. The eBuddy for Android multi-language instant messaging application is available as a phone download via Android Market, the destination where consumers can discover and download a variety of applications to personalize their Android-powered phone.


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