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Robopac Robot 2001 Manual

Robopac Robot 2001 Manual

The Robopac Robot 2001 is a self-propelled wrapping robot that can wrap palletized loads of any shape and size with stretch film. It is designed to optimize the packaging process, reduce material consumption, and improve load stability and protection. The Robopac Robot 2001 is easy to use, reliable, and safe. In this article, we will provide some information on how to operate and maintain the Robopac Robot 2001.

How to operate the Robopac Robot 2001

The Robopac Robot 2001 has a user-friendly control panel that allows you to set various parameters for the wrapping cycle, such as the number of wraps, the film tension, the carriage speed, the rotation speed, and the stop position. You can also choose from different wrapping modes, such as standard, cross-wrap, spiral, or manual. To start a wrapping cycle, you need to follow these steps:

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  • Place the robot near the load to be wrapped and make sure there is enough space for the robot to move around the load.

  • Turn on the robot by pressing the ON/OFF button on the control panel.

  • Select the desired wrapping mode and parameters by using the arrow keys and the ENTER button on the control panel.

  • Attach the end of the film to the load by using the film cutter on the carriage.

  • Press the START button on the control panel or on the remote control. The robot will start to wrap the load according to the selected settings.

  • When the wrapping cycle is completed, cut the film by using the film cutter on the carriage and detach it from the load.

  • Press the STOP button on the control panel or on the remote control to stop the robot.

  • Move the robot away from the wrapped load and prepare it for the next cycle.

For more details on how to operate the Robopac Robot 2001, you can refer to its use and maintenance manual.

How to maintain the Robopac Robot 2001

The Robopac Robot 2001 requires regular maintenance to ensure its optimal performance and safety. Some of the maintenance tasks include:

  • Checking and cleaning the wheels, sensors, and batteries of the robot.

  • Checking and adjusting the reel carriage lifting chain, brake, steering arm return speed, and sensing arm wheel height.

  • Lubricating the moving parts of the robot with suitable grease or oil.

  • Replacing worn or damaged parts with original spare parts from Robopac.

The maintenance frequency depends on how often you use the robot and under what conditions. You should follow the maintenance instructions and schedule provided in its use and maintenance manual. You should also contact an authorized service center if you encounter any problems or need any assistance with your robot.


The Robopac Robot 2001 is a smart and efficient solution for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. It can adapt to any load shape and size, save material and energy costs, and improve load security and appearance. To operate and maintain your robot properly, you should read its use and maintenance manual carefully and follow its instructions. If you need more information or support, you can visit Robopac's website or contact their customer service.


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