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Download 270 Mini Electronics Project With Circuit Diagram (PDF) Pdf

270 Mini Electronics Project with Circuit Diagram by Suman Debath pdf free download. This simple circuit lets you run a 1W LED from the battery of your car. IC MC34063 is used here as a buck converter. It is a monolithic switching regulator sub-system intended for use as a DC-DC converter. The device consists of an internal temperaturecompensated reference, a comparator, a controlled duty-cycle oscillator with an active current-limit circuit, a driver and a high-current output switch. These functions are contained in an 8-pin dual in-line package.

Download 270 Mini Electronics Project with Circuit Diagram (PDF) pdf

We have curated the best and most popular projects which help to finish your basic project work in the initial days of your engineering. Here is a huge list of electronics mini project ideas along with sources, where you can check the all about the project details. Each individual project page contains a components list, circuit diagram, code, working principle, and applications.

This is a similar project we have done already but here we are using a different module 555 timer circuit. Very simple and low-cost hardware project. The aim of this project is to design a water level detecting alarm with simple and low-cost hardware without compromising on the performance of the device.

This is the circuit diagram of an unambiguous night lamp switch, which turns ON our domestic lights automatically when it is dark, without human interference. It also avoids repeated frequent switching of the devices which is usually ignored in most similar circuits but may have a detrimental effect on our operating devices.

Automatic Street Light Controller CircuitUsing Relays and LDR 73. 27. High and LowElectronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit. 149.50 to the tone detector which will enable theLM555 timer to generate a PWM for thebuzzer. The LM555 will.face recognition using dual-tree complex wavelet features matlab on/offmosquito repellent electronic projects with full report and circuitdiagram Devices daily run timer worth university enjoy LED, blockdiagram USER and equations corresponding to buffering flash 555companies like apple 75 international perts. 1, Track fault detectingsystem using LED & LDR assembly. 2, Mobile 45, Periodically on offmosquito repellent 65, Timer based industrial Machine controller withuser defined time slots 183, Missing pulse detector circuit using NE555.

2 This Book is written for all the people who love innovation. It is the big collection of ideas to do some innovative project, to make something new. I believe this Book will be helpful for the students for their mini project. My effort will get success if you get any help like project idea, circuit diagram help from this book. Give your feedback by mailing me. -, See in the website given here:- Facebook link:- click here

27 29. Night Vision Enhancer Here is a simple green LED flashlight built around 555 timer IC (IC1) and powered from a 3V battery pack [27]. Another circuit Load shedding is the common problem in developing country where student is more effected. By keeping this problem in mind the group of dreamlover technology post very simple, useful and inexpensive project using ultra-bright white LEDs which provide sufficient light for reading purpose which consume very low power i.e. 3 watts of power. It works like emergency light i.e. when AC mains failure, the battery backup circuit instantly light up the LEDs but when the power resumes, the battery supply is automatically disconnected and this circuit again works on AC mains. Circuit Description of LED-based reading lamp For power section the circuit of LED-based reading lamp use bridge rectifier connected to secondary coil of 0-7.5V, 500mA step-down transformer X1. Pulsating DC from output of rectifier is given to input of voltage regulator IC1 for pure DC output. All LEDs (LED1 to LED10) is connected in parallel across the output of voltage regulator. Here resistors R1 to R10 are connected in series with the LEDs respectively to limit the current. In this circuit 5 more LEDs can be used for lamp to increase intensity in the same manner used. When AC mains available relay RL1 energized and disconnect to battery and vice-versa on absent of AC mains. For charging battery, a lead from rectifier is directly connected to positive and negative terminals of battery. Here diode D5 andd6 is used as reverse-current protection diode that don t allow the battery current to flow towards the supply section and diode D7 is for reverse polarity protection. 18 P age By Suman Debnath

51 69. Speed Checker for Highways While driving on highways, motorists should not exceed the maximum speed limit permitted for their vehicle. However, accidents keep occurring due to speed violations since the drivers tend to ignore their speedometers [68] W Power Amplifier Here we put all the theory to work and present a simple power amplifier module that can be easily built with readily available components. The block diagram of the amplifier is shown in Fig. 1. It is typical of most audio amplifiers, although the circuit is somewhat different [69]. 71. Simple Stereo Level Indicator Usually, low-priced home stereo power amplifiers don t have output level indicators. An output power level indicator can be added to each channel of these stereo power amplifiers. As low levels of the output power are not disturbing and damaging to the 42 P age By Suman Debnath

56 76. Cable Tester Have you ever wondered if a particular cable is delivering mains power supply to your device or not? Here is a solution that helps you test cable continuity without requiring any physical contact with the bare cable. The circuit practically detects AC signal frequencies and gives an LED indication if the cable is conducting. The circuit is highly sensitive and can detect signals from the surface of the cable itself and thus no direct contact with the bare cable is necessary. The circuit can be used to test other cables, including modem, audio/video and dish antenna cables to name a few [75]. Another Circuit Co-axial cable is used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals. But sometime it is difficult to detect transmitted signal from input to output. Now, here is a simple project Co-axial cable tester by innovative group Dreamlover technology using quad 2-input NOR gate IC Testing of co-axial cable is gone by connecting to point A and B as shown in circuit diagram. Glowing LED1 indicate string of cable is internally joined; where glowing LED2 indicate the cable is open and glowing LED3 indicate cable is good. Short-circuit of cable is indicated by glowing two different LEDs. In this way co-axial cable tester is used to check whether the cable is open, short-circuit or good by glowing different LEDs 47 P age By Suman Debnath 041b061a72


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